RAAM Recap: Thanks for the excitement and inspiration Jeff, Nancy and Randy

We’re still a little agog at the courage and strength displayed by our D.C. Randonneurs pals over the last two weeks during the Race Across America and Race Across the West. Yesterday was simply an amazing time to be in Annapolis to see Randy Mouri come in after more than 11 days riding day and night for an official finish. He certainly had the biggest cheering section at the finish, from what we’re told.

Randy at the Official Finish Line outside Annapolis, Md.
Susie and Randy, happy that RAAM is complete.

See my photos here and MG’s here. See also her touching writeup of our day in Annapolis at her Chasing Mailboxes blog.

We’re also mighty proud to know Nancy Guth, whose RAAM Boomers two-woman team, with Mary Florian, defied age and charged across the USA in 9 days, 13 hours 37 minutes. And, our own Jeff Magnuson and his four-man RAAM Racing team rode the Race Across the West without any additional support. They took turns behind the wheel and restocked on the fly, just four guys with four bikes. They knocked off their 857-mile run to Durango, Colo. in just under 46 hours. That’s fast, my friends.

Jeff flew home and helped officiate at the finish in Annapolis, as did other DCRs there and at nearby Time Stations, including Alec Burney, Chris Mento, George Moore and Maile N. (and others I am sure — let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to this list).

What’s especially inspiring about Randy’s effort is that he completed RAAM on his first try and was largely funded through contributions. He did not have a big sponsor but made ends meet through the generosity of friends, local businesses and charities, who collectively pitched in almost $45,000.

He also did not give up on his goal after suffering a lot of saddle problems on his shakedown ride last year, the difficult PAC Tour Elite transcontinental ride, where he proved he had the toughness to ride cross country at a fast pace. This year he did it without much sleep. We wrung our hands a couple of times watching the leaderboard when the going got tough for Randy in Ohio, but he and his faithful crew kept going. Great job, all, especially to Earl for his timely email updates.

Thanks for the excitement, folks. Now get some sleep. You’ve earned it!

2 thoughts on “RAAM Recap: Thanks for the excitement and inspiration Jeff, Nancy and Randy

  1. Such nice posts Ed. Thank you so much for your support. I’m happy to report that in the final 2 days of my RAAM, we received a surge of donations through the blog site and exceeded our fund raising goal of $45,000. 100% of the excess is going to Habitat for Humanity. The details will be in my story, which I hope to post soon. I hope to ride with you all soon.

  2. That’s great news Randy. Well done — your journey was exciting, inspiring and showed the power of persistence and teamwork. Those are the goals we should follow in all of our endeavors. Congratulations to you for raising money for charity through your RAAM quest.

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