July4thTour Day1 Blue Skies and Quiet Roads to Franklin





Day one of our July 4th four-day tour was one of those rides where we just rode and enjoyed. We covered 93.5 miles from Strasburg, Va. to Franklin, W.V. under sunny skies with light traffic and mostly moderate heat.

We combined two routes from Crista Borras to get to Wardensville and Moorefield, W.V. via scenic Rt. 55. After lunch at O’Neill’s we used CR7 and CR3 to get to the nasty climb via US33 over Shenandoah Mountain into Franklin.

Winds were light from the northwest, giving us some tailwinds that were great until the climb on US33, where we nearly overheated. Milkshakes and cold drinks at the store at the top saved the day.

Tonight we’re at the cushy Hubbard Inn watching Wimbledon after a big dinner at the Star Hotel restaurant that was great and a great deal.

Tomorrow we head for the Blue Grass Valley, Monterey, Goshen Pass and an overnight at Osceola Mill Inn in Steele’s Tavern.

We hope you are getting in good rides and good times this weekend.

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