July4thTour Day 2: Hills and Sun to Steele’s Tavern




Today we made the turn toward the east but not after a sweet morning ride through Thorn Creek Road, Moyer’s Gap and up Wimer Mountain Road to the Blue Grass Valley store.

Perfect blue skies and temperatures starting in the 60’s made for comfortable climbing, which occupied the bulk of the first 37 miles to Monterey and lunch at The Highland diner. Yes, it took us nearly four hours but we were in no rush to see this area behind us.

From there we tackled Wilson Mountain on the way to Warm Springs, then Warm Springs Mountain and Goshen Pass. By Goshen it was hot, low 90’s, but the humidity stayed low and not too bad.

The climb to Raphine took us onto Rt. 606 to Steele’s Tavern, a road we always climb from the otherness direction at night during the DCR 600K brevet. It’s actually a nice road, even better descending! We racked up 114 miles today. As MG put it, “it’s so nice to be here not grinding your way into Raphine!”

Tonight another B&B, The Osceola Mill, with it’s own restaurant. Very quaint and our room ceiling fan is drying out our handwashing quickly. How did they anticipate our laundry needs?

Tomorrow we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive to Skyland for our final overnight. These trips go by so fast. Thanks for reading and happy rides this weekend!

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