July4thTour Day 3: A Long Day on The Parkway, and Skyline Drive




When we planned 96 miles from Steele’s Tavern to Skyland hotel via the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, it all sounded so fun.

Well, it was, but the BRP and Skyline are anything but easy. It didn’t help that we started with the crazy hard climb from Vesuvius, Va., which ranks among the toughest we’ve done on the tandem.

We were soaked from sweat by the top and had to take a rest break after only five miles. We did not walk on the climb, but only because we had fresh legs!

The rest of the day’s ride was better, of course, as we tucked on the swooping descents and ground up the challenging climbs to the lunch stop at the Loft Mountain rest area, Mile 57 to us.

A brief rain shower broke the heat and humidity that returned with gusto today. We ventured out onto damp roads and exchanged waves with the steady stream of motorcyclists who for some reason think tandems are cool. Hey, we agree.

A nice dinner at Skyland completed the day.

Tomorrow we complete our little tour with 42 miles to Front Royal and then 18 more to our car. Time to get home and set for our next adventure!

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