The Dunwich Dynamo

Cyclists take a dip
The water is cold here. Really really cold.

Longtime readers of this blog will remember my love for the Dunwich Dynamo. It’s an all-night ride from East London to the lost city on the Suffolk coast. It’s about 200 kilometers long, it makes a perfect prep ride for Paris-Brest-Paris, particularly if you, as I plan to do, ride it both ways. It’s not an audax, not even a sportive, just a fun grass-roots ride with no real organization other than one group of people draw up a route and another group organize a coach trip home for those who are so inclined (in the past I have ridden another 50 km to the nearest mainline rail station in Ipswich and taken the train home). There will be a lot of undertrained, under-lit riders on the road. It’s flat, so many will try it on fixed gears, and I’ve even seen penny-farthings and unicycles.

Right now, the rain is hammering down and we have a steady southwesterly wind. The latter phenomenon promises an easy spin up to the North Sea (although a hard return journey). The former? Well, I’m an audaxer. I’ll suck it up and deal with it.

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