First Set of Photos from PBP 2011

MG and I got home Sunday after a two-day soujourn from Paris to D.C. via Boston. Air France canceled our Saturday flight to Washington Dulles because of Hurricane Irene and offered us the choice of waiting until Monday (today) to fly home, or leave Saturday to Boston, which was not closing until Sunday.

We decided to take the flight and get ourselves to the USA and then figure out the rest. A rental minivan and the company of our friends Ron and Barb Anderson of Trenton, N.J., got us the rest of the way, with a hotel stop Saturday night to rest and let the storm blow through.

Tonight I started uploading photos from the trip to Flickr. See them here. I have a few hundred more to post and I’ll do that tomorrow. My previous sets that I posted from Paris have also been updated with additional photos.

I am supplying my photos to ACP for their use as desired, so you may see one or more in the future on their PBP site or 2015 brochure. If you see one you want let me know and I’ll send it to you — right now I have downloading prohibited.

And they’re off! The 80-hour and initial 90-hour starts of PBP 2011

2 thoughts on “First Set of Photos from PBP 2011

  1. Great coverage of PBP, photographic and otherwise! The photos – including controle officials – capture the true scintillation of the event. I’m impressed.

    -john lee ellis

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