The 2nd Day of Randonneurmas: The Business of Randonneuring

Randonneuring is more than just bike riding. It’s about meeting new people when you’re out on the bike, memorable gas station conversations with people who ask about bike riding, and the occasional person inquiring about somebody’s randonneuring bike.

Because the clock never stops on a brevet, randonneurs can’t always talk to people as much as they might like. But the conversation doesn’t have to end.

Randonneur Business Cards

On the second of the 12 Days of Randonneurmas, we suggest purchasing the randonneur in your life a set of randonneur business cards. Really! He or she can be an ambassador for randonneuring and keep in touch with those who they meet along the way.

Many companies make good business cards, but one that Felkerino and I used this year is the simply named Moo. Moo offers stock business card designs, and also allows customers to use as many as 50 of their own photos in creating the perfect set of business cards.

Felkerino and I chose two pictures that we thought nicely captured our randonneur identity. A randonneur business card could feature a bike, brevet card, favorite convenience store, or whatever you think your randonneur would like.

Moo then allows you to enter your “business card” information — name, e-mail, blog — whatever you’d like to add. The company also offers two sizes of cards: a standard business card size, which Felkerino and I use; and a smaller mini-business card. You pick the one that works for you.

The business cards from Moo are printed on quality card stock, which is great for randonneurs that venture out in heat, rain, and who knows what other elements. These business cards can take a little roughing up.

Moo also packages their cards in an official-looking business card box. That’s a little unnecessary to me and certainly not practical for hauling around on a bike ride, but it makes for a nice Randonneurmas presentation.

Moo Business Cards

50 standard-size cards from Moo cost around $22, and the mini-business cards are about $20 for a set of 100.

Tomorrow: You know your randonneur has to carry some stuff on those epic rides. Help them do so in style.

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