Fourth Day of Randonneurmas: Protect that Face!

Randonneurs ride in all sorts of conditions. Heat, rain, sun, cold, sleet, wind, and snow, sometimes a little of each in the same ride. (You knew I was going there.) Long days in the saddle may leave randonneurs feeling a strong sense of accomplishment, but they can wreak havoc on their delicate skin and lips.

This sun and cold are doing a number on my epidermis!

Randonneurs need not suffer unnecessarily, at least not where their faces are concerned. This year, why not stuff some lip balm in your favorite cyclist’s stocking? This thoughtful gift won’t bust your holiday budget and it will leave your randonneur’s lips hydrated and happy.

There are many fine lip balm choices, but one my favorites is Hawaiian Tropic SPF 45. It’s a great lip balm for rides because once applied, it stays on well. It’s like applying a little layer of wax for your lips, which is perhaps undesirable if on a date, but perfect for a bike ride. Other lip balms I’ve used go on just fine, but they are thinner in texture and seem to absorb quickly into the skin, leaving your poor lips exposed to the elements. Your lips deserve better!

Lip Balm. So many choices, so little time.

Other favorites in this randonneur household are the All Terrain Lip Armor SPF 25 and Rite Aid SPF 30.

Now that those lips have been taken care of, let’s talk about faces. Featured in prior years, I have to put in a 2011 plug for Kiehl’s UV Face Protector, now sold in SPF 50 and renamed Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector so it sounds extra bada$%! The bottom line is that, no matter what it’s called, this is the best face protection Felkerino and I have found for winter rides.

Kiehl's Face Protector

Yeah, one could argue that petroleum jelly works just as well, but that person would be wrong. It’s mean to your pores and it doesn’t offer any SPF protection.

Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector is made of beeswax, which keeps your face warmer than regular sunblock and it’s kinder to the skin than something like petroleum jelly or bag balm. At $25.00, the Kiehl’s is a little pricey on the front end, but the 1.4 oz container should last your randonneur at least one winter, if not two.

There you have it- lip balm and Kiehl’s Face Protector. It’s a two-fer on day four of Randonneurmas.

Tomorrow: Something for the parts of the body that don’t see as much sun. Hee hee!

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