Fifth Day of Randonneurmas: Chamois Creme

Yesterday on the 12 Days of Randonneurmas we highlighted our favorite winter lip balms and face protectant. In this installment, let’s shift to a place that can be just as sensitive.

Yes, we’re talking about the shorts area. As one of the contact points where the body touches the bike, the rear end is subject to both compression and abrasion.

Most every randonneur who uses cycling shorts ends up using some kind of creme on the chamois and balms applied directly to the skin. We do both if the ride is long enough!

Chamois Butt'r. The perfect holiday present.

There are various kinds of high-end chamois cremes, but the choice in our household is good old Chamois Butt’r. The price is right, about $15 for eight ounces, and it has a nice density that is neither too heavy nor light. It works both on the chamois and other associated body parts that need a little lubrication.

The problem for us is that we run out of the stuff and have to haul off to get more the night before a big ride. Help out your randonneur with an extra tube or two this holiday season of Chamois Butt’r — or their favorite alternative.

It makes an unusual stocking stuffer, but one they will thank you for when they’re up in the middle of the night getting ready for that brevet and have everything they need.

Tomorrow: memorialize those epic rides for all to see.


One thought on “Fifth Day of Randonneurmas: Chamois Creme

  1. At the risk of starting a religious war, I would like to lodge a vote for Bag Balm over Butt’r. The Butt’r is good, but I think Balm is better. Bag Balm lasts a lot longer and has more applicability beyond the crotch, too.

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