Sixth Day of Randonneurmas: A Picture in a Frame

Where there are brevets, you will find randonneurs. And where you find randonneurs, you will generally find at least a person or two who not only likes to ride, but likes to take pictures of people riding their bikes.

For the sixth day of Randonneurmas, we suggest tracking down a photo or two of your randonneur in action and putting it in a frame.

Randonneuring with Felkerino (c) Alec B.

Maybe your randonneur likes to take photos during rides. Also, many clubs have their own flickrazzi. Ask around, read local randonneuring blogs, or perhaps check out your local randonneuring club’s website, and you can find out fairly quickly who the photographers are.

You can then dig deeper and and sort through potential photos featuring your randonneur that are suitable for framing. Solo shot? With rando buddies? On the bike? Rest stop? (Don’t forget to be polite and ask for permission to use the photo.)

Frame the action shot? (c) Bill Beck
Or should we pick the glamourous post-ride photo? (c) Bill Beck

After you figure out which picture to use, you make the call on customization. Size. Frame type. Matte and frame combinations. There are so many choices, but don’t fret over them too much. No matter what, your randonneur is sure to love that you took the time to find and frame a ride memory.

Sun come up it was blue and gold
Ever since I put your picture
In a frame.

-Tom Waits, Picture in a Frame

Isn’t that a sweet song? But that sentiment doesn’t have to live only in a song. This year, turn your own sun blue and gold by putting your loved one’s randonneuring photo in a frame.

Tomorrow: Sometimes it’s the things you don’t see that make all the difference on a ride.

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