Seventh Day of Randonneurmas: Gloves inside your gloves

Every year during the 12 Days of Randonneurmas we turn our attention to one of those must-haves for randonneurs — Gloves! During the summer the choices are easy, and some randonneurs ride with no gloves at all.

Wintertime brings different considerations. MG and I are going out for a century ride tomorrow and as always the question in the winter is whether we should start out in our heavier gloves and carry lighter ones for the warmer mid-day. Or, can we take one set would do the job all day long?

The solution? Liner gloves!

Manzella liner gloves and North Face liner gloves.

I’m a big fan of liner gloves. They make the outer glove that much warmer, and can be taken out when the day warms up and put back in later when the temperatures start dropping in the afternoon. If the day stays cold, I’ll just leave them in. On really, really cold days, I find they wick sweat away from my hands and keep my heavy gloves from getting damp inside.

Manzella liner gloves are great for decorating the tree, too!

There’s no need to spend a lot. The best liners are basic polypropylene, like the Manzella seen above. Why not wool, you say? Poly liners are more durable, and stretch well. They also seem to make my winter gloves last longer — I think they work like good socks.

Liner gloves are an inexpensive gift that adds a lot of comfort to any kind of cycling where a little extra warmth is needed. They fit easily into the stocking and come in so handy.

Tomorrow: making sure the steed is still there when the rider returns.


2 thoughts on “Seventh Day of Randonneurmas: Gloves inside your gloves

  1. I found a pair of polypro liner gloves that I used to wear in my backpacking days — 20 years ago. They work great under the cold weather golf gloves that I use for full-finger coverage during the winter.

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