Eighth Day of Randonneurmas: Bike Security

None of us likes to leave our bikes out of sight, but sometimes it is unavoidable. We have to run into a coffee shop, or want to sit for lunch and not have to keep an eye on the steed the whole time.

That’s where locks come in. Most randonneurs don’t carry locks, but being bike riders they will want one sooner or later, if only to have around when needed.

We’ve collected a few locks of varying weight and size, mostly Kryptonite and OnGuard, that provide a decent amount of theft deterrent.

A professional can defeat these kinds of locks, but otherwise they’ll keep a bike attached to that post or bike rack. They also add peace of mind when leaving a bike on a roof rack to get a post-ride burrito.

Kryptonite cable and u-lock, OnGuard coil lock.

Lock aficionados are turning to a German brand, Abus, that is said to be tougher. They cost a fair bit more, but our pals who look more closely at these things say it is money well spent.

Abus u-lock. The new kid that's supposed to be tougher.

Locks always make a good gift — not that thrilling, but someday, somewhere, your randonneur will savor the thought that their bike will be there when they return.

Tomorrow: spreading the word about the people that keep us rolling.


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