Ninth Day of Randonneurmas: Bike Shop Shirt

Randonneurs put their bikes and gear through some rigorous paces. Putting thousands of miles on their faithful steeds each year means their bikes are going to need some extra tender loving care.

While most randonneurs can do some fairly advanced wrenching at home, it’s also good to have a reliable bike shop to turn to whenever you need any technical assistance, parts, or other mechanical help.

Bike Shop T's: Extra credit if you can name the locations of all these bike shops.

Local bike shops help keep us rolling all year long. This year, show some appreciation for the people at your local shop by buying your randonneur a bike shop t-shirt.

Shop t-shirts are also perfect post-brevet garb, as most randonneurs like to change out of their stinky ride clothing after finishing their brevet and before digging into the post-ride pizza.

The utility of the bike shop t-shirt doesn’t end there. Wearing a bike shop shirt also serves as a sign to others that you are a cyclist, even if you do not happen to be riding your bike.

If your randonneur has been extra good this year, you can also think about getting him or her a bike shop jersey to proudly sport. (Some randonneurs are particular about their jersey fabric and design, though, so only make that investment if you are certain it is something he or she will like!)

Harper's Bike Shop Jersey

Our bike shops do a lot for many randonneurs. Randonneurmas is the perfect time to thank them for their work and to get your special someone a useful off-the-bike treat!

Tomorrow: They will scoff at winter’s chill with one of these.


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