Tenth Day of Randonneurmas: Flap Caps

Regular readers of TDR know MG and I like our wool caps; we talked about them in a 2010 12 Days of Randonneurmas post. MG has continued to develop a fine appreciation for some of the best cap-makers in the USA, and that extends to winter caps that look stylish and keep our poor ears shielded from the wind and cold.

Why not treat that randonneur in your life to something better than the standard polyester skull cap? There are excellent, affordable choices and some of the smaller boutique makers offer custom sizing.

Just wait until your randonneur has gotten home and passed out after their latest all-day (or night) ride, measure their head, and send off for that gift they’ll love to wear when the temperatures fall toward freezing and below.

Me with my Little Package merino wool hat, and my own Santa helmet.

MG bought me a subtle green cap from Little Package, the company name for custom maker Caroline Paquette of Portland, Ore. She will produce in custom sizes, special bills, and in your own fabric if you wish. Just ask!

MG is snug with a Little Package hat under her Santa-helmet.
One of MG's wool hats from Little Package. Stylish and warm.

MG is also a fan of Octopus Caps of Columbus, Ohio. Octopus sells production caps through Etsy and also takes custom orders.

And, don’t forget Walz Caps. They have come on strong in the last couple of years, and make a variety of wool flap models in two sizes with optional personalized stitching. See their collection here.

My wool Yehuda Moon cap by Walz. No earflaps. Yet.

Take it from us…the cycling cap is not just for summer anymore.

Tomorrow: make it sweet!


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