TDR’s own MG featured in Washingtonian magazine

As I’m sure you know, MG not only contributes to this fine blog (actually, making it better than I ever could!) but also writes about her rides around our fair city on her own blog, Chasing Mailboxes.

Today, she was featured on Washingtonian magazine’s Well+Being blog as one of Five Local Cycling Blogs You Should Read. See the full article here.

MG's story in Washingtonian magazine blog. Who's that guy back there?

Way to go, MG! It’s fitting that the last post of the 12 Days of RandonneurmasRecognition — would be followed by that very same thing for her right off the bat in 2012. MG also managed to get a mention of PBP into the article and a picture of yours truly along with her. Awwww.

We were both glad to see the article featured another urban cyclist, Brian McEntee, who writes the Tales from the Sharrows blog. By the way, that’s Brian up there on the TDR banner, from our first meeting a few days ago.

If you think not much happens riding daily on the streets of D.C., read Brian’s blog. For years I rode back and forth from downtown D.C. to Arlington and never saw the stuff he comes across.

Blogging is sometimes a little hard to do. There’s no money in it and you’re not really sure who’s reading. I hope you, like me, are glad to see MG get a pat on the back for riding her bike and spreading the good word about the bicycle lifestyle. Whooo!


5 thoughts on “TDR’s own MG featured in Washingtonian magazine

  1. Awesome news! Hurray for MG. Glad she’s getting the local recognition she deserves. Now the rest of Washington will know what we already know – Chasing Mailboxes is tops! All the best to both of you in 2012!

  2. Great news for you Mary. I’ve enjoyed yourr posts on Chasing Mailboxes and the Daily Randonneur for years now. Mary you have a unuiqe perspective on all things.

  3. Thank you all! I was so surprised (in a good way!) about the piece… thanks to everybody for reading Chasing Mailboxes, and to my randonneur spouse for such a glowing writeup!

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