Paul Rozelle hits the big time in Bicycle Times and American Randonneur

TDR was honored to publish Florida randonneur Paul Rozelle’s Paris-Brest-Paris story last September after we got back, got some sleep, and got to writing. You can see it here: Paul Rozelle’s Fixed Gear 2011 PBP: An Epic Ride Deserves an Epic Report.

Paul's stories in Bicycle Times and American Randonneur.

MG and I were doubly glad when his story appeared in longer form in Issue 16 of Bicycle Times a few weeks ago. You’ll have to buy the issue to read the story, and a companion story by Jeremy Shlachter of Ft. Worth. If you’ve gone to PBP, it will take you back. If you haven’t, it will make you want to go.

You can also see a long-form version of Paul’s multiple fixed-gear rides up and down Mont Ventoux, completed four days before PBP, at the Bicycle Times site. Read it here.

I’d be remiss if I did not publicly thank Paul for mentioning TDR in his Bicycle Times sidebar story about randonneuring in general. Sure was nice for TDR, gotta admit. But, it was also great to see randonneuring explained in common sense terms and with an inclusive viewpoint.

Finally, our Spring 2012 American Randonneur magazine arrived over the weekend with another story from Paul on how he approached the Montoux rides, complete with instructions on how to register, in what order to take the four climbs, and what wildlife you may encounter — think wild boar!

All in all, Paul spun a fascinating and encouraging account of his PBP warmup rides that should make any avid rider feel like trying Mont Ventoux at least once.

Congratulations on the publicity, Paul. You’ve earned it, and we’re looking forward to reading more about your adventures, fixed — and geared!

(P.S. We also wish to point you to our own Kelly Smith’s 2008 story about his permanent ride on Ventoux. See it here.)

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