Two Day Tour the 2012 Edition

MG and I plan to ride a week tour on our own later this month in the Shenandoah Valley. That means switching from randonneuring  mode to touring mode, which we started today with an overnight weekend tour from home to one of our favorite hotel stops in Strasburg, Va. and then home tomorrow.

Out on the road to the Shenandoah

We’re riding our Cannondale enduro tandem because our Co-Motion is back in Oregon for repair. The Pasela Tourguard 26×1.5 tires rode well and the new Velo Orange fenders looked good and did their job in keeping the rain away.

In the hotel room ready for day two

Our mileage at 119 miles was much higher than the daily segments on our weeklong tour. With a tiny load it was fun to ride long, though.

The View from Snickers Gap

We also enjoyed seeing some of our Frday Coffee Club friends today on the way to Leesburg. They put together a 100-mile brew pub tour — pretty cool.

Tomorrow we return via Harper’s Ferry. We’re glad to be back in the saddle after a layoff following the High Country 1200K last month, and without a time clock.

5 thoughts on “Two Day Tour the 2012 Edition

      1. I’d love a copy as well. I’ve ridden to the Marriott in Strasburg and my route was a little sketchy. Love to compare notes. Thanks

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