Rivendell Bicycles’ Grant Petersen at College Park Bikes, Sept. 27

A big day is ahead for everybody in the Washington/Baltimore/Mid-Atlantic area who likes loves Rivendell bikes: owner and founder Grant Petersen will bring his “Just Ride” book tour to quirky College Park Bicycles in suburban D.C. at Thursday Sept. 27!

SimpleOne singlespeed and Just Ride, two great things from Rivendell

Grant will be part of a casual ride from the shop at 5 p.m. and then hold a book signing and q&a at 7 p.m. back at the shop.

Here at TDR hq, the only place we go regularly for real service these days (beyond the free but erratic service at the Dining Room Bike Shop) is the eclectic CPB, in the coincidentally-named College Park, Md.

This store caters to a mix of steel bike aficionados, neighborhood budget MTB riders, and cash-strapped students. It’s the kind of place with treasure hanging from the ceiling and tucked away in secret drawers, where they actually stock square taper bottom brackets and Tubus racks.

When they’re not keeping the University of Maryland students rolling, manager Charles P., mechanic extraordinaire Phil and the gang are ably dealing with our never-ending tandem needs and servicing the bikes of a number of our rando-pals.

It’s not unusual for MG and I to walk in and recognize a friends’ bike sitting there, ready for their weekend adventure to come.

Charles of College Park Bikes, not Grant.

As many of you know, MG and I are also very happy owners of a few Rivendell production models. I started with a Rambouillet, and then an Atlantis, then added a Bleriot, and so on.

MG has a Romulus and a Quickbeam. I keep threatening to get an Yves Gomez men’s mixte, just because. You get the idea. Grant’s designs fit us well and we love the well-made but not so precious aesthetic.

That buy-the-good-stuff, then use it a lot attitude carries over to Grant’s book, “Just Ride (A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike)” published earlier this year. He’s done a lot of publicity already but is embarking on another round of appearances at bike and book shops and on radio and TV. See his post on it at the Rivbikes.com Blug.

Grant is appearing on Thursday evening, when the store is normally open until 9 p.m. That’s the night I tend to drive there to pick up the tandem or one of our single bikes after Phil completes our latest work request. Maybe this time we’ll ride there. It’s not very far but kind of hard to navigate through northeastern D.C., but if we do it just one time, this would be the occasion.

See you there!

One thought on “Rivendell Bicycles’ Grant Petersen at College Park Bikes, Sept. 27

  1. My first “nice” bike when I started riding again around ten years ago was a Romulus. Then I had a Saluki (now my wife’s) which turned me on to 650B. Wish I could be there!

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