The Second Day of Randonneurmas: Buttons

Not every Randonneurmas gift can be as pricey as a camera, but all the gifts you select for the randonneur in your life can be special. On Day Two of The 12 Days of Randonneurmas, we suggest a little something that will dress up your randonneur’s wardrobe and bag collection– buttons.

Urban Adventure League buttons

Buttons are a thoughtful stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank. One of the places that I’ve (editors note: MG wrote this post!) been patronizing in my quest to dress up my bike bags is Urban Adventure League of Portland, Ore.

Urban Adventure League is a one-man button, poster and zine company that has created appealing buttons for the touring or around-town cyclist.

Small, yet pleasing to the eye, buttons are a way to communicate your cycling identity to others. For example, see this top button? It says “I hope to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on my ride. Or maybe just warm pizza.”

Urban Adventure League buttons

If you’re looking for something more rando-specific, the RUSA store stocks little lapel pins imprinted with the RUSA logo.

RUSA pin and zombie

Buttons are extremely versatile. They can adorn a sweater or a Carradice. They can be shown off with ease and style — whether you are a zombie or not!

Thanks ZombiesDC for all the help with this post.

Tomorrow: they’ll love this gift from Kentucky… 


4 thoughts on “The Second Day of Randonneurmas: Buttons

  1. Bike pins and buttons are some of my most favorite things. A lot of the ones I have are from different bike expos, I love it when different companies have them at the show. Nutcase Helmets have some of the best button, they match their great helmets. Microcosm Publishing also have great bike buttons and patches.

    The one thing I wish I could really find are bike stickers, for the kids that come into the shop. Something other the company logos, If I could find sheets of just plain bicycle it would be perfect.

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