Randonneurmas Day Three: Wald Baskets

I was a little skeptical when Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles started talking up Wald wire bike baskets. They are super inexpensive, like $20, and looked pretty basic.

Then I started thinking about better ways to carry my suit jacket for my short trips from my home office to work appointments. In my job as a journalist I make regular trips to the Capitol and downtown from our home in southwest Washington. The fastest way, by far, is to ride. I get most anywhere in 15 minutes or less and I enjoy some fresh air in the process.

Wald 137, ready for duty.
Wald 137, ready for duty.

In really warm weather I was rolling my jacket carefully and carrying it on my back in one of those nylon backpack-sacks with the cords. That wasn’t the best solution.

Then, I heard Grant on a radio show talking about his book Just Ride. He said one way to ride in a suit was to fold up the jacket and put it into a front basket.

Voila! Now it made sense. I ordered a Wald 137 from my bike shop and installed it on my old Cannondale tourer that I use around town. It fit perfectly between the brake levers.

Installation couldn’t have been easier. The legs bolted to the front fork eyelets and the clamps fit over the handlbars. I bought a Topeak net to keep things from flying out. Total cost? About $30 for both.

Today I stopped by the store and picked up a few things that fit well into the basket without overloading the bike. I felt like I was in Paris riding home with my groceries from the market.

Peanut butter, bagels, pizza dough, right where I can see them.
Peanut butter, bagels, pizza dough, right where I can see them.

A cyclist looking to add carrying capacity without a lot of fuss will be glad to see one of these under the tree. It’s solid, inexpensive, and humbly stylish.

Tomorrow: the annual Randonneurmas chapeau post.

10 thoughts on “Randonneurmas Day Three: Wald Baskets

  1. I noticed you have a cable tie securing the brake housing at the center of the top tube. I suppose the cable guide pulled out like the ones on my Cannondale touring bike have. Did you use a disc brake cable guide as a replacement?

    1. Greg,

      you are right. Actually two have come loose. The white zip tie is holding an original in place for now. The second one is a disk housing guide also held with a black zip tie. Handy little things, huh?

      1. Thanks, Ed. Many years ago a local bike shop was able to replace the guides on Cannondale frames. I’m not sure the bike shop can still do this, so it’s nice that I now have an alternative fix.

  2. Realize this is an old post, but I too came up with this solution, I’m curious what width your bars are. Mine are 42cm FSA Wing (most comfortable ever), and I’m not sure I could fit the basket and still shift my SRAM Apex shifters. Any ideas on clearance?

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