Two Day Tour Out: Martinsburg, W.Va.

MG and I are in Martinsburg, W.V. tonight after riding a hilly 122-mile route from our home in D.C. Today was the first hot ride this year and everything went pretty well.


Our route took us north for about 90 miles which gave us a tailwind — a good thing — except it made for some really warm climbs. Those of you from the D.C. and Frederick area will recognize our major ascents of Marlu Ridge, Meeting House Road/Harp Hill and Brandenburg Hollow.


Just getting to those climbs meant many smaller hills through the Catoctins, as we went to Middletown and then Smithsburg before turning west to Shepherdstown.



The highlight of the day was seeing the D.C. Randonneurs 600K brevet riders at Shepherdstown. They were at mile 158 and looked pretty hot but sounded optimistic about the cooler evening temperatures ahead. Go riders!



Tomorrow we have a century planned to get home. We start by riding back to Shepherdstown for the Sunday morning farmers market, then Harpers Ferry and Leesburg before re-joining our outbound route.

We love these overnighter rides. They let us get an away without a lot of planning. Last time we did this one our pal Lane G. joined and designed the routes.

He could not accompany us this year and we miss his calm presence and awesome climbing ability.

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