A Summer Ride to Pittsburgh

Yesterday Mary and I saddled up at 5 a.m. in Cumberland, Md. to begin a long weekend centered around a visit to see my daughter in Pittsburgh.

Paper plant at Luke, after Keyser, W. Va. Not the best roads but ok early in the day

She is off to Moscow in a few days as part of her Pitt summer Russian studies program. We figured a one-day ride there of 165 miles and then returning over two days would be a good training block (combined with our hard ride last Saturday).

Climbing Savage River Road
Photo time on Big Run Road

Our route took us west to the Savage River for a long climbing segment to the high point at Grantsville, Md. in Garrett County. Gravel roads, starting with the infamously steep Resh Road led to Confluence, Pa. where we joined the GAP trail for 90 miles to Pittsburgh.

Welcome to Resh Road, hang on!

The weather was spectacular, though hot on the trail. We carried two small panniers on a rear rack which added a little front steering input but nothing bad.

Gravel time

Sunday we ride to Connellsville for an overnight, then Monday back to Cumberland, all the way on the GAP. The trail is lovely and generally smooth but kind of monotonous after a few hours. I think I’ll be all set for trail riding after that.

Lucky meetup with Ed, Rusty (shown here) and their old ambulace sag wagon for their group of GAP riders

The ride was long but getting there under our own power was neat; we have always driven to Pittsburgh.

Hello Pittsburgh
Hi Dagny!

Thanks for reading. More to come after our return to D.C.

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