Coulee Challenge 1200K Day 1: Views, Hills and Heat

Mary and I are in Black River Falls tonight, 236 miles into the ride. We arrived safe and sound at 10:15 pm. The organizers had food here and our drop bags.

After a fast start this morning at 4 a.m., the field of about 89 split up into small groups by dawn.

We rode with various folks and sometimes on our own. The route was gorgeous, taking in Lake Pepin and winding through wooded hills and valleys full of tall corn.


The day was tough in the middle; a section of steep, short climbs in hot conditions, with moderate headwinds, had everyone pretty gassed at the control at mile 165. After that we had three more notable climbs but mostly easy rollers to the overnight horel.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the hardest day, with a century of hills to start the day’s segment of 180 miles. Wish us luck!

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