Coulee Challenge 1200K Day 4: Done That

Mary and I arrived at the finish today in Apple Valley, Minnesota for a total time of 82:55, well within my (our) goal of 84 hours or less. We did it!

We re-learned some valuable lessons that will only help us at Paris-Brest-Brest next year, sleep management and bike issues being the most relevant.

Today was just 141 miles with only three climbs, but as with any 1200K the final leg is just plain hard. I had to manage saddle soreness and leg fatigue, which is nothing new but still makes it hard to pedal, especially after rest stops.

I discovered before leaving the hotel this morning that what we thought was hub noise was something else entirely — an unscrewed frame coupler. It was causing clicking under hard efforts. Tightened down, the noise went away and shifting improved. I just wish I had thought to inspect the couplers on Tuesday evening.

We had to push hard to meet our time goal, in hot weather. A looming rain storm prompted a 30-mile time trial to the finish. Mary was insistent that we try to beat it and was super strong in making that happen.

Most of the field came in after us, a surprise, but we left the overnight hotel n Winona, Minnesota earlier than most, at 3:30 a.m. We enjoyed greeting the later arrivals and gabbing at the event hotel this evening.

Thanks for following along! I’m going to get caught up on my sleep.

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