Randonneurmas 2018 Day 9: Ridge Supply Socks

For this installment of the 12 Days of Randonneurmas, your guide to gifts for that beloved cyclist, I’m going to suggest an old standby: socks.

The thing is, socks are no longer those boring white things from the 70s. Cyclists take their socks seriously these days, looking for colors and designs that fit in perfectly with the rest of their gear and get them noticed.

One of the companies that have embraced this aesthetic is Ridge Supply of North Carolina. They feature colorful models that evoke the vistas of the nearby Blue Ridge mountains and are designed to be visible to drivers.

Mary gave me an early Christmas present this year with these limited-edition holiday socks from RS.

Festive design from Ridge Supply

I have other pairs to go along a particular bike or jersey. Who said socks can’t be fun?

Summertime socks for riding the Co-Motion tandem

I’m also a fan of bike shop socks. These are the two-tone socks that Crow’s Feet Common of Bend, Oregon sold me when we rode through in 2016. I hold them back for special rides when I want to channel the touring spirit.

Crow’s Feet Common socks see me through a randonneur moment

Another set I get out for special rides are from Cycles of Life Bicycles in Leadville, Colorado.

Cycles of Life wool socks in the California desert

So, don’t be shy about giving a cyclist some new socks. They will thank you for it.

Tomorrow: The traditional saddlebag goes on a diet.

One thought on “Randonneurmas 2018 Day 9: Ridge Supply Socks

  1. It is the season to be Merry so:
    I have som black socks, so I am not an entirely pure cyclist, as defined by the book, that could be a counter gift :

    Sort kaffe og hvide sokker
    – takt, tone og traditioner på landevejen
    af Bjarne Riis, Brian Holm & Dan Frost

    google translation:
    Black coffee and white socks
    – beat, tone and traditions on the road
    by Bjarne Riis, Brian Holm & Dan Frost

    The book probably is not translated

    And cycling shorts can all the different colours of black

    Happy Randonneurmas


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