Thursday Commuteblogging: MG’s Bike Friday Tikit and Keen Cycling Sandals

Some of us just have more style on the bike. I make no claims. I ride Sidi shoes and Pearl Izumi shorts, just like everybody else, though I’ve settled on wool jersies over poly.

MG, on the other hand, long ago figured out how to find clothes that look great on and off the bike. She will find a pair of capri pants at REI on sale and they’ll work perfectly. She can also pull off the cool look on a folder, in this case her brand new Bike Friday Tikit folding bicycle.

MG on her New TikitMG on the Custis Trail

MG loves this bike because she can fold it up and roll it into her building, which does not allow full size bicycles into the offices. Rather than leave it locked in the parking garage, she puts it under her desk! While riding, it feels normal. That’s high praise for a folder with 16-inch wheels.

MG and Tikit at the World War II MemorialMG and Tikit at the World War II Memorial

MG is also happy with her new Keen cycling sandals. Unlike Shimano and Lake, they look and feel less bulky and still manage to include a stiff cycling sole and front toe protection. MG reports that she has yet to take them on a century, but around town they feel good.

Styling new Keen Cycling SandalsStyling new Keen Cycling Sandals

Keen sandal soleKeen sandal sole

I’ve put together a Flickr set of Tikit and Keen photos. See them Here or see the Slideshow.

My Rivendell Bleriot, MG\'s TikitMy Rivendell Bleriot, MG’s Tikit


Wednesday Commuteblogging — Tikit Edition

This week’s installment brings us Kirk, who recently moved to D.C. from the Berkeley area in California. He is here with his Tikit, the new folder from Bike Friday. He was walking through Eastern Market on Saturday when I ran into him on an outing with MG, Super D, Comics DC blog author Mike Rhode, and his daughter Mighty C. Kirk showed us the bike’s quick fold feature, which does not require throwing any levers — just bop the seat forward from behind, which releases cables holding the head mast upright, and then grab the handle behind the cranks and lift.

Kirk and his TikitKirk and his Tikit

Bike Friday created the Tikit to serve a different purpose than the traditional Friday, which is designed more to be a packable travel bike rather than a true folder. The Tikit has smaller (moreso) 16-inch wheels, where Fridays generally have two flavors of 20″ wheels. The Tikit is also a little less rigid, which Kirk confirmed. Kirk said he was used to seeing Friday commuters relatively often in the Bay Area, but not much out here. MG and I commute on our Pocket Rockets from time to time, and I see a few folks coming across the Memorial Bridge, but he’s right, they are not that prevalent. Yet.

Kirk with his Tikit, Folded.Kirk with his Tikit, Folded.

The Tikit sports some neatly bent metal.The Tikit sports some neatly bent metal.