Wednesday Commuteblogging — Hains Point Edition

D.C. has gone from snow to 60s in the same week with rainy, humid weather since the weekend, with more rain tomorrow and some snow this weekend. Holiday decorations have made the commute fun this week and I took a lot of night photos, but I don’t have a transfer cord with me tonight…so here’s a bike photo from Hains Point around 7 p.m. last week, before our first snowstorm of the winter. This is my 59 cm Rivendell Atlantis, my main commuting and grocery bike these days.

Atlantis on Hains Point, National Airport in distanceAtlantis on Hains Point, National Airport in distance

In the summer there’s a regular mix of racers, tourists, and commuters (like me and MG) riding around HP, decompressing from work. In the winter, it’s quiet and we look for the family of foxes that scurry around the golf course.


Wednesday Commuteblogging: Night Edition

After slagging on D.C. drivers last week as suicidal, red light-running maniacs, this week TDR focuses on the joys of riding in standard time. You know, when the clocks are not set forward and the sun sets before the end of the workday.
MG and Ed on the MallMG and Ed on the Mall

MG and I usually meet after work and ride to the grocery store or around Hain’s Point on the Potomac River. We also enjoy Washington’s stunning night monument scenes. As cycling cities compare, D.C. is pretty good, thanks to the National Mall and trails along the Potomac River — especially during the winter.

Ed’s Atlantis at the World War II MemorialEd’s Atlantis at the World War II Memorial

Atlantis, again at the World War II MemorialAtlantis, again at the World War II Memorial