St. John Street Cycles

It seems to me that randonneurs can never have enough bags. I used to laugh at that statement about purses. Now I get it.

I spread my business around, and have purchased Carradice bags from the regular U.S. sellers, but this time I decided to go back to an old favorite, St John Street Cycles in England, oh so close to the source. No disrespect to Gilles Berthoud and Ostrich bags, they are beyond fine, but Carradice continue to work well for me at prices I can justify.

The problem with ordering from England is the cost of shipping, and of course the exchange rate. For most items, particularly Shimano, there’s no benefit over buying domestically. But for Carradice the SJS prices are pretty good, even with shipping. I ordered a Super C rack bag and the hands-down, best saddlebag ever, the Nelson Longflap. I got an email asking if I could wait a week until they got the rack bag, and I said yes; four days later, the package was at my door. They must have had one after all.

Shipping was cheaper than I expected, about $22, so I was curious how they pulled that off. When the package arrived, I saw a surprisingly efficient method — they put one inside the other, wrapped them both up in bubble wrap and shrink wrap, and out it went. Pictures below.

SJS Cycles shipping

Here’s what arrived at my door.

SJS Shipping No. 2 SJS Shipping No. 3SJS Cycles No 4SJS Shipping No. 5

The package inside, the Nelson tucked inside the rack bag, the Nelson (what? Not enough room for you?) and a little personalized tag from Christine.


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