Thursday Commuteblogging: Bike Friday Edition

As some of you have figured out, MG and I like to meet after work on the Pennsylvania Avenue plaza at the White House. We get a chance to talk without all the urban car traffic and check out the parade of bike commuters passing by. And, we might get a visit from Squirrel Buddy. Remember when he climbed my back wheel? On Tuesday he came over to say hi again.

Squirrel BuddySquirrel Buddy

Just then we saw Blake Rubin riding by on his custom color Bike Friday Pocket Rocket. Not being shy, we called out and he graciously stopped to show us his new steed.

Blake and His Bike FridayBlake and His Bike Friday

Blake bought it to do a little of everything: commute, countryside rides, and travel to Philly and abroad.

The color scheme is wild, in a cool way. The build is pretty standard Bike Friday, in that the Friday folks really like lower-end Shimano when they are not installing Sun Race hubs — shudder.

Blake went with the Shimano Capreo 9-tooth cog rear hub, which lets you get away with normal size chainrings instead of the big 58-tooth outer rings MG and I use on our PRs. Blake splurged for a King headset. Nice.

Here are some more photos. Hopefully we’ll see Blake out on a brevet one of these days.

Cane Creek lever, bar end shiftersCane Creek lever, bar end shifters

Front fork, King headsetFront fork, King headset

Shimano Capreo rear hub, folding rackShimano Capreo rear hub, folding rack


The Mary Chronicles: Compton Tucker

MG recently caught up with another of D.C.’s bike commuters, NASA scientist Compton Tucker, just outside the White House. While TDR is all about randonneuring, we’re also into everyday riding: to work, to the grocery store, and of course Swing’s Coffee. Here is Mary’s report:

Sept. 28, 2007

The DC commuters were loving life today. And why not? The weather really could not have been much better. No humidity, temperatures in the 70’s, a breeze blowing, and the sun shining! This weather seemed to make the riders a talkative bunch, and I had the opportunity to meet Compton at a stoplight near the White House Plaza.

He remarked that it was great biking weather, and I could not have agreed more. Then he added that he thought any weather was good biking weather and, while I agreed at the time, after we parted ways I thought of some weather that I would definitely not categorize as “good cycling weather.” But today sure was.

Compton rides a sturdy Cannondale frame, and rides to work every day. His commute is between 25 and 30 minutes. It sounds like he really likes it except he did mention that he wants to get fenders to help with the rain and dispense with the rainpants! (That will make Ed so happy!!! He loves bikes and fenders!) No panniers, it appears; he just straps his briefcase down w/ a couple of bungie cords.

So here is a pic of Compton at the White House Plaza on our perfect DC commuting day… I hope you got out to enjoy it, too!

Compton Tucker at the White HouseCompton Tucker outside the White House