Welcome to our World! About Us

Welcome to our World! About Us

If you are reading this, thanks! Jon and I are happy you’ve wandered into our outpost on the cycling frontier.

The Daily Randonneur’s goal is to bring information, humor, insight and maybe, just maybe, a little inspiration to all of you out there who don’t have pro contracts and actually pay for your bikes and gear. We ride a lot, mostly on the roads. We commute. We ride brevets and ultradistance races. We even enter an amateur race or two (mostly Jon!). We ride at night and in winter. We’re constantly on the lookout for neat gear that works and lasts.

Jon G. is our man in London. I (Ed) live in the Washington, D.C. area. Together we intend to bring you some daily news, ride reports, product reviews, and our own personal rants when we just have to say it out loud.

Dear reader, please do your part and comment away! We want to start the conversation, not dominate it.

Thanks in advance for your time. Onward!

This is Jon, American-born, London-residing. Other than riding on the left side of the road, the main difference between Ed and me is that I might have to go out in the rain more frequently, and I might ride in the occasional race long enough to know what it means to be off the back. We’re working out some minor technical things with this thing we call The Daily Randonneur, but once we get on top of it, we think this site will be your first stop for cycling intelligence.


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