A great Fleche ride

We are very happy about our fleche ride this weekend. Team Velo Espresso Gelato, with our captain Lane Giardina leading me, MG and Mike Ross, made its way about a 234-mile course without incident.

We encountered lots of headwinds yesterday on the first half, and made up for it with lots of tailwinds on the second half. We laughed a lot and ate way too much, and encountered the nicest people at our controls.

We really enjoyed seeing all the teams at the Key Bridge Marriott this morning in Arlington. Brunch made for a satisfying payoff after a long night’s ride in the cold.

All in all, good memories!

More to come on our ride. We’ve posted photos at my Flickr site and MG’s Flicker page.

Our friend Maile N. took a lot of photos at the finish. See them here. I also posted our progress yesterday and last night to Twitter, with some photos to Twitpic. See them here.

Time to get some sleep!

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