The 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest: Enter Today!

TDR announces its 2nd Annual Rando Photo Contest! Everybody, it’s time to remember the brevets of 2010. If you are a randonneur, rode at least one brevet in 2010, and took at least one picture during the brevet then YOU are eligible to participate.

From now until midnight January 10, 2011 we will be accepting your randonneuring photos from the past year. There are two major changes from last year’s contest. First, all RUSA members are eligible to participate. Second, we have made a few changes to the categories.

Gregg Bleakney has again agreed to be our TDR Rando Photo judge. Gregg is an accomplished cyclist and photographer and was our “secret guest judge” last year. He has ridden from northern Alaska and throughout South America. His work has been published in various places, including Adventure Cyclist, Mountain Bike Magazine, and National Geographic. Learn more about Gregg and his photography at his website or his blog. We are thrilled that Gregg will judge the photo submissions.

The Rando Photo Categories for this year are:

1. Randonneur Lifestyle. Exciting moments spent at convenience stores. Sleeping in ditches. Four a.m. ride starts. You get the idea. Share your Randonneur Lifestyle image with us!

2. Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot. Seen on almost every brevet, cows captured on film are a must for completing your brevet photo-set. However, all animals are created equal and this category accepts photos of any and all fauna. This year we are broadening the category to include your landscape photos as well. If it’s nature, we want to see it.

3. Spirit of Randonneuring. What does it mean? You tell us and submit the photo you think fits best!

4. Wild Card. Don’t think your rando photo fits any of the above categories, but think it’s something we should see? Throw it into the Wild Card category. Photos from Permanents and Populaires accepted in the Wild Card category!

It wouldn’t be randonneuring if there weren’t rules so here they are.

Rule 1. You must be a RUSA member (or have been a member in 2010) to participate.
Rule 2. You may submit one photo per category (or a total of 4 photos).
Rule 3. Photos may be from any RUSA or ACP brevet that occurred between January 1 and December 31, 2010. The fleche also qualifies. Permanents and Populaires are not permitted for any category except Wild Card.
Rule 4. Submit your photo via a link to the photo or by submitting the photo in .jpeg format to: gersemalina “at”
Rule 5. In your submission, tell us where and when the photo was taken. If there are people in your photo, please include their names if you can.
Rule 6. Gersemalina and Felkerino are ineligible for this contest.
Rule 7. Deadline for photo submissions is midnight (any U.S. time zone, except Hawaii) January 10, 2011.
Rule 8. Unless you indicate otherwise, all photos are eligible for inclusion on the RUSA Blogs banner header. You retain the copyright to your photo. If your photo is selected for the banner, you will be credited.
Rule 9. As noted in Rule 8, you retain the copyright to your photo, but we will publish it on The Daily Randonneur and feature it in a flickr group for all to admire.

Judging: Submissions will be judged by Gregg. Winners will be announced by the end of January.

Prizes: If you win a category, you get a prize! Woo! To further inspire you, here is a look back at the 2009 entries.

2009 TDR Rando Photo Contest

This is the time to highlight the great randonneuring rides of 2010. Don’t delay, submit your rando photos today!

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