MG Thursday: Socially Acceptable Bragging Part II of III, The Ride Report

If a tree falls in the forest but no one hears it, does it make a sound? Of course it doesn’t!

The only way for your ride to become a reality is for others to know of your accomplishment. Another way to socially acceptably brag is through a ride report. There are two common methods of ride report publicity.

1.Write your own ride report. This shows that, not only did you do the ride, but you put extra time and effort into writing about it. Multitalented! Overachiever! But in a socially acceptable way! If you can, post your report to a couple of listservs and find a friend who can connect you to a blog or two.

If you are going for a humble twist on your socially acceptable bragging, preface your report by saying your impetus to write it was to help others who may be attempting that route in a future year. Your ride report is doubling as an educational tool!

After posting your report, hopefully you will receive at least a couple of written comments in return like, “Awesome story. Thanks for writing it!,” or “Great read, your name here. Congrats!”

If you come to embrace socially acceptable bragging through scribing ride reports, you may eventually establish your own blog, or become a regular contributor to a friend’s blog (wink!).

2.Try to be included in someone else’s ride report. If you are too lazy to write your own story, that’s ok.  Sidle up and ride a few miles with someone who you know is a regular ride chronicler. To improve your chances of being included in the person’s story engage in conversation and, if possible, say something meaningful, witty, or otherwise memorable for those miles you are together.

However, do not provoke them to anger or irritation. Memorable though that might be, your ride report inclusion chances will be nullified. Or the person will write about you and you will become notorious, and nobody wants that, as it is inconsistent with the spirit of randonneuring.

If you are committed to the training, insane wake-up calls, and actually doing the rides, it only makes sense to exert a little extra effort to ensure the memorialization of your accomplishment. A ride only lasts so long, but a ride report lasts forever!

3 thoughts on “MG Thursday: Socially Acceptable Bragging Part II of III, The Ride Report

  1. Nice Mary, you capture the spirit of Randonneuring in the internet age. I have no idea what they used to do.

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